Climbing Awards

Accredited NICAS

National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme level 1 and 2 climbing course

The National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme, (NICAS) is the only nationally recognised scheme designed to introduce new and young climbers to climbing on artificial climbing walls. There are five levels increasing in technical skills, and knowledge and is suitable for ages seven and upwards but is not exclusively for young people and is suitable for adults also who wish to take up the sport. Award Solutions is able to deliver two levels and these can be used for a Bronze or Silver physical in the D of E Award. NICAS is ideal for school and youth groups and can be used alongside GCSE PE courses.

The scheme aims to accredit achievement in climbing and to provide a structure for development in the sport. It aims to develop movement skills and improve levels of ability, teamwork, and trust. Participants will also learn rope work and how to use equipment safely, will record their achievements in a logbook and gain a foundation on which to build and continue in the sport.

Level 1

Entry level, aimed at complete novices, focuses on a safety conscious attitude as much as climbing skills and is achievable by any climber with aptitude whilst remaining under the supervision of an instructor at all times. A minimum of two climbing sessions of 1.5hrs each would be required to complete this level at an indoor climbing wall.

Learning outcomes

  • Awareness of safety rules and hazards
  • Ability to fit harness and helmet correctly
  • Ability to connect rope to harness with a re-threaded figure of eight knot and stopper knot
  • Belay safely under supervision
  • Choose a route and climb with confidence
  • Correct method to descend a climb safely
  • Basic climbing moves

Level 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADesigned to correspond to most climbing centre’s membership standards. A level 2 holder has mastered the basics of climbing indoors and should be able to climb and boulder safely and independently. A minimum of six climbing sessions of 1.5hrs each is required to complete this level at an indoor climbing wall.

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to connect self and others to a rope with a re-threaded figure of eight knot and stopper knot
  • Ability to perform pre-climb checks
  • Ability to belay and lower a climber using suitable belay device
  • Awareness of ground anchor systems
  • Ability to hold a fall in a bottom rope situation (belayer on ground with rope passing through top anchor)
  • Knowledge of indoor climbing (French sport) and bouldering grades
  • Effective use of a bouldering/traversing wall (where applicable)
  • Choosing an appropriate route
  • Forms of climbing communications
  • Simple climbing techniques

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